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Russian travel guide and travel advisor!

My name is Alina and I was born in Russia, as my parents and grand  parents and great grand parents and so on. Me and my team travelled the whole world, and for now we are ready to share our knowledge about Russia with you in this blog!  We are independent travellers, understand how hard is it to visit the country without  knowing the language, and we tried to gather all info about  our endless land from Kaliningrad to Chukotka here!  Yes, Russia has more than Moscow and Saint Petersburg, much more! Really hope you will enjoy it, and all content will be useful. Do not  be shy to ask advices! 

So, Let’s start!

How to travel in Russia?

As anywhere else, make a visa, book the tickets and  get the accommodation, choose destination for visiting and GO!

But let’s make it step by step:


But  first of all check if you really need it.  Most of the Latin American and Asian countries has visa free with Russian Federation.  Meanwhile, EU-countries, UK, Australia and USA have to collect documents for a visa


 Russia is a huge country, it has borders with 18 countries, but most likely you will come by plane, that’s the cheapest and most common way to come, from almost every place. What is the best and cheapest way  to come from the airport. You can read below.

Inside  the country you can use various transport: planes, trains, buses, boats, helicopters. More about transportation inside you can read below, in an article about transport.


  Like everywhere in the world you can use web-sites to find a place to stay, Russia is not an exception. The cheapest option in most of the city starts from 5-6$ per bed in a 6-8 dorm. High season can be more expensive in capitals. A room can be for 20-30$.


Couchsurfing works as well. The only hard thing for you will be finding the address you need, but google maps can easily show you the stop and a bus goes to the place you need.

All you need  to learn in that situation is:


Volunteering is also a good option to find a place for a long stay in Russia. Kamchatka, Baikal, Altay, Northern lights area, dynamic life of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kazan, many people dream to stay there longer, how to do this, become a volunteer, it is a great option to rest, save money and learn the language. There are several platforms you can use.

  1. International workaway
  2. International HelpX
  3. Goodsurfing , have the most russian volunteering projects.


On the menu you  may notice that there are  some categories which may be useful for you. Hope you enjoy it have a nice and amazing travel!


Here you can read about most of interesting places and cities of Russia. How many do you know except Moscow and Saint Petersburg. How about Altay or Magadan, Sakhalin or Adygea?


Russia is a huge country and it always have something to surprise, if you are tired from a view of an orthodox or Slavic culture. Here you can find information about national minorities of Russia or Finnic, Turkic and Siberian, Caucasian origin, with a history of their land and culture.


Russia is a huge land of various nature and a real treasure for a nature lover. Having only 49 national parks and much more places to discover. Here you can find an endless forest, hugest lakes, uncountable mountain, frozen fields, beautiful windy steppes and much more. In this part of the site you can read about some marked routes you can do trekking.


If you think that transsiberian and golden ring are the only routes in Russia you are missing so many interesting things to see. How about starting from Moscow, visit Stalingrad, spend a day in a Buddhist city, cross the mountain and swim in the see for one trip? Or start with Kaliningrad, visit both Saint Petersburg and Moscow and fly 10 000 km to climb a volcano?


As many other people we love holiday and on holidays we love to have fun, at the same time holding our traditions. Have you ever jump into cold water at - 20? Dress in a medieval costumes for Time and Epochs festival, ski in a swimsuit in Boogel Wool festival or burn a huge doll for a pancake week? We do, as many other strange and funny things!


Here you can find different information from useful info about transportation, to article about traditions or travel stories.


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